Real-life work experience...

An Apprenticeship gives you hands-on, real-life work experience, a salary and the opportunity to gain qualifications, all while working for a reputable local employer.

Join over two million others

An Apprenticeship gives you the chance to gain recognised qualifications while you work. So not only do you get something to put on your CV, but you’ll also be paid. So you will earn while you learn!

In the last five years alone, over two million people have completed an Apprenticeship, making them one of the most sought after options for both school leavers and adults. With over 90% of apprentices staying in full-time employment after completing their Apprenticeship, you can be sure that you’re being equipped with the skills you need to get that all-important first full-time job.

We offer Apprenticeships in over 40 occupations and the list just keeps on growing. In the last twelve months we trained more than 1000 apprentices. What’s more, Apprenticeships aren’t just available in traditional industries like plumbing or construction, we also have Apprenticeships in health and social care, accountancy and business administration to name just a few. So you’re sure to find the right Apprenticeship for you at Sunderland College.

If you’re interested in an Apprenticeship, click below to register your interest or browse through our current vacancies. Or you can call us on 0191 511 6484.