The Right Apprentice for Your Business

An Apprenticeship is available to anyone aged 16 or over and it combines working with studying.  Whilst working full-time for your business, your apprentice will study towards a work-based qualification, which are available at different levels, depending upon job role, up to degree level.

There are a number of benefits to recruiting an apprentice. Whether you are recruiting an ambitious apprentice to strengthen and diversify your business, or investing in the skills development of your existing staff, apprenticeships bring many benefits to your business.

Apprenticeships help you to develop a more motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Businesses that offer Apprenticeships recognise them as being essential to their long-term development, giving the opportunity to attract new talent and offer progression.

  • 75% off apprentice employers say that the programme has helped them to reduce recruitment costs, and an impressive 80% have included them in their long-term recruitment plans
  • 80% of companies reported an increase in staff retention
  • £5k average net benefit to your company per apprentice
  • 89% of those who employ an apprentice say that they make their business more productive
  • An increased level of motivation and satisfaction was reported by 92% of employers who have apprentices
  • Apprentices bring new ideas to your business
  • Funding could be available to support your Apprenticeship programme

An apprentice can be an existing member of staff or a new employee.  If you are looking to take on a new member of staff, your vacancy will be advertised on our website and we will work with you throughout the recruitment process to ensure that you employ the best candidate for your business.

Once on programme, your apprentice will work alongside your experienced staff to learn job-specific skills.  They will also be supported by an experienced College trainer/assessor to develop a portfolio of work that demonstrates their skills and knowledge to meet the qualification criteria.  Your trainer/assessor will keep you informed of progress throughout.

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