Philip Heckles – Success Story

Philip struggled to find his path when he started his career, and after trying several different roles in retail, customer service and contact centres decided to refocus and retrain.  Realising that he enjoyed the admin side of his jobs the most, Phil looked at different options available to him, he said:

‘An Apprenticeship wasn’t something that I had really thought about, I thought they were for younger students and at my age, I just didn’t consider it. I was advised by the college that they are a great way to get a foot in the door, and I started to look at the opportunities available to me’ ‘It is always difficult to move to a new career path, employers are looking for people with experience, but you can’t get the experience without that opportunity, so an Apprenticeship just made sense. I really enjoyed my Apprenticeship and working as an Administrator is just what I wanted, I’ve now got the qualifications and the experience that I need.’ ‘I can definitely see myself working as an Administrator for the foreseeable future, it suits me more than any other job role I’ve had, so it was great to be offered a permanent position when I had finished my programme.’